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Abdussamad Gamidov obtains highest award UWW - "Gold Necklace"

10 November 2014 15:44 Posted in:  SPORT Source :  WRESTRUS.RU
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Makhachkala, November 10, 2014. On November 9, Prime Minister of Daghestan Abdussamad Gamidov was awarded with the highest award of the united world wrestling (UWW) - "gold necklace". The ceremony took place in Moscow within the European Wrestling Championships. The event was attended by the president of UWW Nenad Lalovic and the president of the Russian Wrestling Federation( RWF) Michael Mamiashvili.

- "Gold necklace" is handed to statesmen for their outstanding contribution to the development of the world wrestling - said Nenad Lalovic. - Abdussamad Gamidov is certainly deserved this award. Freestyle wrestling and Olympic champions have become the hallmark of Daghestan began. For many years, Daghestan is one of the leading centers of the world wrestling at whole. I wish Abdussamad Gamidov new success for the benefit of Daghestan.

It should be noted that Abdussamad Gamidov is the president of Daghestan Wrestling Federation for the last eighteen years. During this period, Daghestani wrestlers have been wining for Russia six gold medals of the Olympic Games. Mavlet Batirov, being two-time Olympic champion, Hadzhimurad Magomedov, Sagid Murtazaliyev, Murad Umakhanov and Shirvani Muradov excelled at the Games.

"For young Daghestanis, the sports, and above all the wrestling have become a real social elevator, universal culture, and Olympic champions are examples to follow. I want to thank Daghestani Head Ramazan Abdulatipov and the Government of the Republic for paying the great attention to the wrestling development and the creation of conditions for mass sports "- Michael Mamiashvili concluded.

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