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Best Dagestani athletes-2014 announced

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Author:  Shamil Kurbanov
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Makhachkala, December 16, 2014. Dagestan ministry of physical culture and sports announced Top 10 athletes in Olympic, Deaf and Paralympic sports, as well as Top 10 athletes in non-Olympic sports in 2014, the ministry’s press service told RIA "Dagestan".

They are the athletes who showed throughout the year. They counted the points they had earned in the championships of Russia, Europe and the world. Finally, 6 wrestlers and 4 judokas entered the Olympic sports list.

Wrestlers Abdussalam Gadissov and Abdulrashid Sadullayev proved to be the undisputed leaders on points. Trainees of coaches Imanmurza Aliyev and Shamil Omarov respectively have had a triumphant sports season with victories in all official competitions. They have scored 2,400 points each (400 points for the Russian championship, 500 points for the European championship, and 1,500 points for, the world championship).

Other freestyle wrestlers in Top 10 are: Magomed Kurbanaliev with 800 points (300 points for the 3rd place at the Russian championship and 500 points for the 1st place in Europe, coach Shamil Rashidov), Bekkhan Goigereev - 750 points (300 point for the 3rd place at the Russian championship and 450 points for the 2nd place in Europe, coach Olkhuzor Mintulaev), and Ismail Gadjiyev - 630 points (70 points for the 1st place at the Russian championship, 260 points for the 1st place in Europe, and 300 points for the 1st place in the world, coach Pakhrudin Zalibekov).

Wrestler Bilal Makhov who has switched to Greco-Roman style this season is also in the list. Magomed Gusseinov and Hankalav Gadjimagomedov’s trainee finished with 1,200 points he had earned for the 3rd place at the world championship.

The same 1,200 points for 3rd place at the world judo championship belong to Kamal Khan-Magomedov (coach Sadyk Abdulov). The judo (for the blind) Top 10 also features Abdul Kuramagomed – 1,900 points (400 points for the 1st place at the Russian championship and 1,500 points for 1st place at the world championship, coach Aselder Magomedov), Malik Kurbanov – 1,600 points (300 points for the 3rd place at the Russian and 1,300 points for 2nd place at the world championship, coach Habib Magomedov), and Shakhban Kurbanov – 1,200 points (400 points for the 1st place at the Russian championship and 800 points for 5th place at the world championship, coach Gazimagomed Akhmedov).

The list of the best athletes in non-Olympic sports compiled by the sports ministry includes 4 para-taekwondo practitioners, 2 arm wrestlers (sport for persons with physical disabilities), 1 kickboxer, 1 combat sambo wrestler, 1 footballer (sport for persons with physical disabilities), and an MMA athlete).
The best non-Olympic athletes are Sevil Abdulova (610 points, coach Kamal Biyarslanov, para-taekwondo  Magomedzagid Isaldibirov (600 points, coach Imanpasha Umakhanov, para-taekwondo), Maryam Salimgereeva (550 points, coach Arslan Biyarslanov, para-taekwondo), Bassir Abakarov (550 points, coach Magomed Magomedov, kickboxing), and Zaynutdin Atayev (500 points, coach Tagir Magomedov, para-taekwondo), Timur Aliyev (490 points, coach Gadjimurad Ramazanov, football for persons with physical disabilities), Ramazan Sulebanov (400 points, coach Shamil Alibatyrov, MMA) Sultan Aliyev (400 points, coach Kamil Bulatov, combat sambo), Tagir Magomedov and Yussuf Yusupaliev (400 points each, coach Gassan Alibekov, arm sport for persons with physical disabilities).

The best athletes will be solemnly honoured and officially awarded late December.

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