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Vladimir Vasiliev meets with chief editors of republican media

16 March 2018 20:57 Posted in:  POLITICS
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Makhachkala, March 16, 2018. Vladimir Vasiliev has been answering the questions of invited journalists for about three hours. The meeting was held in the tea-drinking format, in the spirit of maximum openness and free communication.
In particular, the interim Head of Dagestan shared his vision of further development of the republic. In Dagestani leader’s opinion the qualitative and competitive education and the systematic anti-corruption work in all spheres are the priority directions. The journalists focused on the most pressing issues for Dagestan, such as tax collection, investments, the incomes of population and the youth policy aimed at creating "social elevators" accessible to all the talented youth.

The question of RIA "Dagestan" correspondent concerned the upcoming presidential election. "Nowadays, we are witnessing an important stage in the development of the country, many are trying to pressure us. We need a stable political environment. The president will be elected in any case. But everyone will have a choice. Everyone has their own priorities, their own candidates and I respect all your choices. The main thing is not to stand aside and contribute to the political process" - Vladimir Vasiliev said.

The RIA "Dagestan" correspondent drew attention of colleagues to the importance of counter action to the spread of counterfeit information, the struggle against the "fake news" and proposed a possible solution - the creation of a certain journalistic charter aimed at strengthening professional self-censorship in the journalistic environment.

Regarding the forthcoming European Championship in free style wrestling, the Head of Dagestan asked the journalistic community to get involved and to assist in highlighting the most problematic areas, possibly missing or not noticed by the organizers.
The journalists noted the need for closer and effective cooperation with the press services of the ministries and departments of the republic.

The Speaker of the People's Assembly RD Khizri Shikhsaidov, the head of Government Administration Vladimir Ivanov, the vice premier RD Ramazan Jafarov and others attended the meeting.

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