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Tatyana Gamaley meets with head of Interethnic Journalism Guild

08 June 2018 21:33 Posted in:  POLITICS
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Makhachkala, June 8, 2018. Today, the interim Minister for National Policy of the Republic of Dagestan Tatyana Gamaley met with the head of the regional branch of the Guild of Interethnic Journalism Gadzhimurad Sagitov in Makhachkala.

According to the press service of the ministry, the parties considered the possible ways of cooperation, including the activity within the framework of the ministry's projects. In this connection, Tatiana Gamaley recalled the tender for the best publication in the media on the issues of preserving the interethnic peace and harmony and ethno-cultural development of the peoples of Dagestan announced by the Ministry. Gamaley asked the head of the Guild to attract the attention of Dagestani journalists to this contest.

Then the minister noted the necessity of forming a pool of journalists in the republic specializing in ethnic subjects: "Unfortunately, this trend in Dagestan is only just beginning to form. We lack professional, talented and, most importantly, interested journalists who understand the national politics, do not seek cheap sensations, but understand the importance of preserving the international peace for Russia".

Gadzhimurad Sagitov assured that work in certain directions had already begun. So, a School of interethnic journalism started working in the region. "The school attendees are taught the features of coverage of interethnic topics in the media, the legislative bases of the national policy and journalistic ethics. Practical assignments help to identify the most capable of them. Later they will get an opportunity to publish their materials on the pages of the federal print media" - Sagitov said.
Sagitov also shared his plans for the work of the Guild of Interethnic Journalism for the near future. At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed on further cooperation.

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