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Igor Barinov meets with mufti of Dagestan

06 March 2018 23:20 Posted in:  POLITICS
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Makhachkala, March 6, 2018. During his working trip to Dagestan, the Head of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs Igor Barinov visited the muftiate of the republic and met with the mufti, sheikh Ahmad-afandi Abdulayev, the press service of the Republican Committee for Religious Affairs reports.

The vice-premier of Dagestani Government Ramazan Djafarov and the Committee chairman Magomed Abdurakhmanov accompanied the federal official. After a conversation with the Mufti behind closed doors Igor Barinov went out to reporters and briefed on the purpose of the visit.

"Today, much attention is paid to the Caucasus in general and Dagestan in particular. On the other hand, we are at the stage of the most important political event in the life of our country – the presidential elections. It is very important for us to  get a hold of the youth in a certain way to stimulate interest шт the elections. The youth today is apolitical and believes that they cannot influence the situation. In this regard, it is important to involve the young people into the political process to let them feel that much edepends on their choice” - Barinov said.

As another reason for his arrival, the federal official called the desire to thank the mufti for his great contribution to strengthening inter-confessional unity and harmony in the society after the tragic February events in Kizlyar.
Barinov also spoke about the changes taking place in the republic, noting that today there is no way to do without any "surgical" methods in the republic. People are waiting for these changes and it is time to take drastic measures not breaking balance and stability.

The head of FAEA assured the media representatives that that the contact with Dagestan clergy, including the Muftiat of the Republic will be continued, including those issues that provoke negative public outcry.

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