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Musicians from Rostov-on-Don congratulate Murad Kazhlaev on his 85th birthday

19 January 2016 23:13 Posted in:  CULTURE
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Makhachkala, January 19, 2016. On January 17, musicians from Rostov-on-Don, the winners of international competitions Lisa Kaboeva (vocals) and Jazz Quartet New Centropezn led by Aram Rustamyants gave a concert dedicated to the 85th anniversary of People's Artist of USSR, composer Murad Kazhlaev in Makhachkala, the press-service of Dagestan ministry of culture reports.

In interview, Murad Kazhlaev confessed that many years ago, being entirely carried away by creative ideas he practically left no place for pedagogy. The desire to teach came later. One of the most talented among his students Aram Rustamyants, the laureate of international contests, pianist and composer, took part in the anniversary events together with his musical group Jazz Quartet New Centropezn. In 1990s, Aram Rustamyants completed an assistantship. Rustamyants was training in jazz composition at Rostov State Rachmaninov Conservatory and felt fortunate to meet with the famous composer as a teacher.

The Jazz Quartet New Centropezn band has chosen a concert program consisted of the Kazhlaev’s works. The quartet performed in Makhachkala for the first time and it has become a great discovery for Dagestani audience to get acquainted its virtuoso participants. Every musician displayed the highest current performance, impeccable craftsmanship and technique.

Dagestani spectators will remember the performances of Andrei Machneva (saxophone), Vitaly Perov (bass guitar), Gregory Deratsueva (drums) and Aram Rustamyants (piano) for a long time. At conclusion, Murad Kazhlaev went to the stage, thanked the musicians for their talent.

The deputy Dagestani minister of culture Murad Gadjiev awarded Aram Rustamyants with the title of the Honored Artist of Dagestan.

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