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Makhachkala hosts Exhibition dedicated to 90th anniversary of artist-jeweler Manaba Magomedova

08 June 2018 21:58 Posted in:  CULTURE
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Makhachkala, June 8, 2018. The solemn opening ceremony of the exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the artist-jeweler Manaba Magomedova has taken place the day before, on June 7, in Dagestan State Museum of Fine Arts. Named after P. Gamzatova in Makhachkala.

The director of the museum Salihat Gamzatova pointed out that Manaba Magomedova’s works are the real pieces of fine art created with exquisite taste: "We are fortunate to have such a countrywoman scientifically studied by art critics and adored by poets."

The honored Artist of Russia Khairullah Kurbanov noted that he was personally acquainted with Manaba Magomedova. "She was a charming, talented woman and an erudite person. You have already had time to see her incredible, miraculous works, created during her long creative life. I am glad that today we have gathered at this exhibition to once again communicate and to get familiarized with Manaba Magomedova’s works".

The corresponding member of the Academy of Arts, the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Abdulzagir Musayev said that his colleagues commemorate the memory of Manaba Magomedova this year for. "The time passes and Manaba Magomedova’s works will remain for centuries. She was an amazing person and a bright star in the constellation of intellectual artists from the RSFSR and the Georgian SSR - the great milky way of the Soviet fine arts. I often repeat these words that the middle of the last century was the golden age of our culture: literature, music and visual arts. Manaba Magomedova was an ordinary woman, but the outstanding artist".

The guests got familiarized with the collection of the jeweler's work, which included bracelets, rings, necklaces, dishes, pitchers, caskets, folk musical instruments etc. In visitors and fellow artists’ opinion, Manaba Magomedov was not just a jeweler, but a "goldsmith who could turn metal into a precious piece of jewelry."

It should be noted that the works of Manaba Magomedova are kept in Russian and foreign museums, as well as in private collections in many countries of the world. The exhibition will last till the end of August.

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