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Ensemble "Lezginka" stages three new national dances

22 July 2018 04:16 Posted in:  CULTURE
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Makhachkala, July 22, 2018. The artists of the State Academic Ensemble "Lezginka" have presented the staged productions of three new national dances. The presentation of the new choreographic performances took place July 20 in the Russian Drama Theater in Makhachkala. The famous ballet dancers, the honored artists of the Republic Nailyat and Murad Musaevs choreographed the performances.

The Minister of Culture of the Republic of Dagestan Zarema Butaeva, the Minister of Labor and Social Development RD Rasul Ibragimov, the director of the Laksky Music and Drama Theater Badrizhat Magomedgadzhieva, the chairman of the Council of Veterans of Lezginka Ensemble Galina Kurbanova and others attended the event.

Zarema Butaeva expressed gratitude to the managers and the creative staff of the ensemble and appreciated the work done by the choreographers. "The artists of the ensemble "Lezginka" have done a tremendous job. They showed us a sparkling diamond. But the ensemble dancers will have to improve their skills so that this diamond turns into a brilliant and play all the faces not only on this stage, but also on the most prestigious world venues" - Butaeva said.

According to the artistic director of the ensemble Zalimkhan Khangereev, the performances for the compatriots at home in Dagestan are the most responsible for the entire creative team. "It is much easier to perform far beyond the borders of the republic. The foreign viewers like everything that we perform on the stage. But our fellow countrymen know how to dance as well as the artists do. Therefore we feel nervous when giving concerts in Dagestan” - Khangereev confessed. At the end of the debate on the new choreographic performances, the members of the expert council gave a blitz interview to the republican media.

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