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Arsen Kardashov’s exhibition "Paintings on silk: East-West Dagestan" opens in Makhachkala

29 September 2015 13:38 Posted in:  CULTURE Source :  R
Author:  Nizamidin Kainbekov
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Makhachkala, September 29, 2015. On October 3, the Exhibition Hall of the Artists Union of the Republic in Makhachkala will host the open exhibition of the People's Artist of Dagestan Arsen Kardashov "Paintings on silk: East-West Dagestan".

According to the artist, the composition of works "East - West" is compiled in such a way: the vertical panels (9 works) symbolize the culture of peoples and the peace time. The other horizontal ones (6 pieces) symbolize war and hunting. It is rapidly developing from the center to the edges. At the center of the composition there is a triptych "The meeting of Flora", in which it (Flora) met the young people of our time, to the left there is the Europe depicted in the image of a lady from the modern epoch, astonished by appearance of a contemporary girl. To the right there is the East, depicted in Japanese national clothes.

The diptych is a dialogue of cultures, continuity and interpenetration. In the West there is ancient Greece and Gothic. In the East - the Egyptian and Arab culture.
The monumental series of paintings "Dagestan" (21 works) are made by the author on natural silk in cold batik technique. It consists of separate compositions, and those integrated into triptychs "The Wedding", "Family", "The Festival Lak songs Hayha" in diptych "Wedding in Hayha 'individual works, thematically related to Dagestan.

In this project, according to Kardashov, he attempted to reflect the unique culture and folklore of his native land. Arsen Kardashov masterfully reflects the activities carried out by fellow countrymen in his works on silk, canvas, paper, graphic and other works. His art, he founds on the traditions of the past, creatively mastering and bringing it in a modern manner, thus contributing to the preservation of good traditions established centuries ago.

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