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Traveler from Tyumen walks to Dagestan

05 November 2018 07:16 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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Makhachkala, November 5, 2018. A resident of Tyumen, Andrei Sharashkin set a goal to walk around the whole of Russia. The man reports on his journey on social networks. Having walked 2874 kilometers, Andrei Sharashkin came to Derbent. Prior to that, in Dagestan, he had already visited Makhachkala, Karabudakhkent and the other settlements.

“After Karabudakhkent, I went further and reached the village of Mamedkala ... In the morning I packed  the tent and set off on my way to Derbent. I arrived in Derbent early, at about 9 o'clock. Here I want to say thanks to the guys fr om the Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan. They helped me here. Today we drove around Derbent to see the sights. Tomorrow we plan to drive high into the mountains, to the village, wh ere there is also a very interesting museum. We'll see the museum and have a swim in the spring” - Sharashkin says in one of his video reports, which he publishes on the YouTube.

One day, the former soldier and history teacher, Andrei Sharashkin left his native Tyumen in order to walk around the whole country. In the nights, the traveler sleeps in tent and sometimes enjoys the hospitality of the caring locals.

In Derbent Sharashkin was sheltered by a local resident Marat Ibrahimov, who happened to see the traveler by the road. Sharashkin, who has already begun to get used to the local hospitality, confesses that in Dagestan he rarely have to sleep in a tent.
After Dagestan, the Tyumen traveler plans to go to Astrakhan and then again to the east of the country. Sharashkin's plans are to reach the Far East and then across the northern Russia to reach Murmansk. The total length of its route will make approx. 40 thousand kilometers.

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