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USA bans Muslims from Canada

03 September 2019 20:32 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Europe dancing in a tolerant ecstasy to the western tune with a label “made in USA” found itself fooled. The migrants flooded the Old world. After the start of military campaign in Syria by the Russian Aerospace Forces, the militants with their radical females and extremist genetic material as offspring moved to the Europe under the guise of refugees. As a result – the terrorist attacks became more frequent, the crime level increased and the Europeans faced the unprecedented sexual violence from the sexed-up radical Islamists who despise their frivolous lifestyle.

While Europe was perplexedly looking around, the henchmen of America - the English stiff bureaucratic army, thoughtfully fenced off the European Union with Brexit. In the United States, the name of the president Donald Trump is associated for several years with a phenomenon called “Muslim Ban” (Muslim ban; IT slang, as you know, the verb “prohibit” in a new form - “ban”). As a matter of fact, the U.S. authorities have been practicing the ban of certain individuals without any explanation of reasons both under Obama and Clinton completely ignoring the green card system.

The Muslim social activists can scream as much as they like about the infringement of their rights, the discrimination on religious, racial grounds, but the “flagship of democracy, the political and public freedoms, tolerance” (as it turned out, only in theory but not in practice) - the USA does not care a bit.

As a matter of fact, the ideologists of the Islamic State project who cultivate the radical, international terrorist ideas in the world well know about serious global threats induced by such organizations. Let it creep anywhere, but not into American bins — this thesis is maintained in the New World.

The other day, the closest neighbors (across the mainland) of the USA, the Canadians, were indignant. Well, really Canadians...? Those who want to be perceived as such.

Once successfully reaching the Canadian border (figuratively speaking in a quote from O’Henry’s story about the leader of the Redskins), the Imam clan from Toronto and the leader of the Iraqi-Turkish community naively believed that they were high-flying birds and were free to fly.

Yes, one of these days they ran into a problem: the imam and the leader of the Iraqi-Turkish community, along with several of their companions, were denied entry on the border between Canada and the United States.

What is characteristic, the American special services did not want to see these persons in the States. What was the reason - not particularly voiced. Perhaps personal hostility, or there was no mood, or maybe the American authorities strained the fact that the leader of the Iraqi-Turkish community has relatives fighting for ISIS * in the Middle East, while America reproached Assad for his “bad attitude” towards the OPPOSITION, the way the American human rights activists like to name the members of some terrorist gangs. In general, they did not let me go.

And then the outrage and another fluttering of the Trump name began in connection with the ongoing Muslim Ban. The Muslim ummah of Canada was very offended for its representatives: they say that the American authorities demanded that they applied for a visa at the US Consulate in Toronto. This is a procedure that Canadian citizens usually do not undergo. And indeed, in recent times, there have been frequent cases when Canadian Muslims did not enter the United States under various pretexts or obscure explanations, according to Canadian immigration lawyers.

Lazily shivering from the fuss, the representative of the US Customs and Border Administration cynically mumbled about the allegedly unchanging changes in US policy. However, yes, the Canadian citizens do not have the right to automatically enter the United States: their entry is at the discretion of the US customs and border authorities, and they have many opportunities to reject anyone whom they consider unacceptable.

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