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Schoolgirl from Dagestan to perform on Red Square

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Makhachkala, May 17, 2018. The 11th grade pupil of the municipal school №9 in Buinaksk Fatima Mikailova reached the finals of the literary contest "Live Classics", the organizing committee official told.

As to Mikailova, as part of the contest, she performed with a fragment from the Yuri Yakovlev’s story "Persecution on the Red." "I chose this particular work because it was about happiness. We see so much cruelty and evil in this world. In their routine life people often forget to simply enjoy the wonderful feelings. I decided to share my impressions on this literary work, so that others feel the same" – the girl said.

Mikailova shared that she found new friends from other regions. "If speak on the contest, I did not have any hopes, because I knew how strong the participants were. In preparation for the contest, I was surrounded by peers and my friends constantly supported me to reach the goal. Artek is an ideal place for this" - Mikailova noted.

This year the contest final was broadcasted live. The qualifying stages with participation of 255 contestants from different regions of the country were held within two weeks before the final.

Note, the contest "Live Classics" is a grant project sponsored by the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society. The performances of the contestants were evaluated by the rector of GITIS Grigory Zaslavsky, the People's Artist of Russia Andrei Sokolov, the actress of theater and cinema Elena Zakharova and other famous figures of culture and art of the country.

The winners will receive certificates for downloading their favorite works in electronic and audio format from the e-books service "LitRes", buying books from the book24 bookstore of the publishing group "Exmo-AST", learning English in the online school "Skyeng" etc. Besides, all the participants receive certificates to attend the creative camp "Living Classic" in Bulgaria and Sochi.

Remind, for the first time the literary competition "Live classic" was held 7 years ago. Every year 2,5 million schoolchildren from all regions of the country participate in the big event.

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