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International conference "Migration in the Caucasian regions: trends and consequences" takes place in Dagestan

22 June 2018 01:12 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Makhachkala, June 22, 2018. On Thursday, June 21, the first deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Dagestan Anatoly Karibov took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Migration in Caucasian Regions: Trends and Consequences" held in the National Library of the Dagestan Republic named after R. Gamzatov.

The event is held to discuss the current problems of population in the Caucasus and to develop practical recommendations for improving the demographic and migration policy in the subjects of the Russia’s North Caucasian Federal District. The first vice-premier spoke about the work carried out by the Government to regulate migration processes.

“The need for the practical solution of many problems is overdue. We need recommendations from the international conference and we hope that we will find answers to the questions posed by contemporary life" -  Karibov pointed out, speaking about the issues related to the employment of migrants.

In turn, Sergei Ryazantsev, the director of the Institute for Social and Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the head of the Department for Demographic and Migration Policy of Moscow State Institute of International Relations named the geopolitical, cross-border situation, ethno-religious composition of the population, the high birth rate among the factors that make Dagestan a special territory.

Touching upon the topic of the conference, the speaker explained: "Even if a person worked somewhere and did not return to Dagestan, it is not worth considering the potential lost for the region. It is necessary to think how to apply it in favor of the republic. Our Dagestan colleagues work in the scientific institutes of the RAS and the universities in Moscow. They not only enrich science in the central regions, but also contribute to the development of Dagestan. In this regard, it is very important to maintain contacts between the regions. "

Further, the work of the conference continued in four sections, which focused on the ethnocultural and religious aspects of migration processes in the Caucasus, the socio-economic prerequisites and the consequences of migration.
The representatives of the Ministry for National Policy of the Republic of Dagestan, the scientists, the employees of state and municipal government bodies and the representatives of business and public organizations have become the participants of the conference, held on June 21-23 within the framework of the project "Migration Bridges in Eurasia".

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