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Hydro Centre named after. M.Gadzhiev opens in research-and-health improving complex "Zhuravli"

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The day before, a solemn event on the occasion of solemn opening of the hydroelectric complex named after Hero of the Soviet Union, sailor - submariner Magomed Gadzhiev took place on the territory of the research-and-health improving complex "Zhuravli". Besides, a commemorative plaque was opened on the wall of the hydroelectric complex in honor of the famous native of Dagestan.

The top officers of the Northern Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla, as well as the representatives of Gunibsky municipal district where M. Gadzhiev was from, were invited to this event, timed to coincide with the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The right to open the ceremony was granted to director of "Zhuravli" complex, professor of Moscow State University M.Magomedov. It is noted that Magomedov was the initiator to name Center after the commander of the first division of submarine brigade of the Northern Fleet.

In his speech, Magomedov noted that in any regions of Russia, wherever the name of Magomed Gadzhiev is pronounced, he is known as a courageous, loyal and heroic person. "This is the first Dagestani who received the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the first resident of the republic to be awarded the Order of Lenin".  Magomedov told those present at the official opening ceremony that the architectural appearance of the hydro centre was made in the form of Magomed Gadzhiev's submarine - the legendary K-type submarine (Katyusha).

This health complex is designed for the treatment and rehabilitation of not only residents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Dagestan, but also the patients from abroad. At the end of the event, a small concert program was presented.

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