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Dagestanis to be taught basics of crypto business

09 April 2018 22:03 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Makhachkala, April 9, 2018. A practical business conference on "Crypto business from A to Z" will be held on April 12 at the Faculty of Economics of Dagestan State University, the press service of PERI Innovations informs.

Within the framework of the seminar, the experts in plain and accessible language will tell about the technologies and structure of the market of crypto-currencies, mining, crypto-banks and stock exchanges, as well as give recommendations on the proper management of assets and explain the legal aspects of crypto business.

Andrey Grachev and Dmitry Stupin, the managing partners of the international blocking holding company Crypsis, Vladimir Perov - the managing director of ICO projects of Crypsis and Elina Sidorenko - the head of the working group on crypto-currency at State Duma of the Russian Federation are among the speakers.

The key topic of the event is the new paradigm of currency relations in the economies of countries. The seminar attendees will speak on the technology and the market of crypto-currencies, the prospects and the best ways of investing money. The experts will share experience about the mining and the cryptoactive generation complexes. They will also review the exchanges and purses and give recommendations on the formation of investment portfolio.

"The participants of the conference will learn about the latest trends in the sphere of crypto-currencies, mining and productive use of technologies, exchange experience, which is critically important in the newly emerging sphere of blockchain-technologies. I am sure that this interaction will become a starting point for raising the level of awareness and professionalism in the republic" - Andrei Grachev said.
The meeting is held by Dagestan State University in cooperation with the business incubator PERI Innovations.

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