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Dagestan hosts ceremonial events dated to 110th anniversary of Abdurakhman Daniyalov

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Makhachkala, August 23, 2018. Yesterday, August 22, Makhachkala hosted ceremonial events dated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of political and party leader, the chairman of the Presidium of Supreme Council of Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Abdurakhman Daniyalov.

A number of government top officials, the heads of public organizations and Daniyalov’s relatives attended the ceremony. At the very beginning, the ceremony participants gathered near the monument of the politician on the Rhodope boulevard of Makhachkala. The officials as well as other wishing people laid flowers to his monument.

In his speech, Anatoly Karibov, noted Daniyalov’s significant role in the development of Dagestan. The chairman of the Republican Writers' Union Magomed Akhmedov highly appreciated Daniyalov’s career, calling him "a man loved by the people of Dagestan." Then the poet read a poem by Rasul Gamzatov, dedicated to Daniyalov. Akhmedov recalled that Gamzatov and Daniyalov were friends with each other. Akhmedov explained the friendship this way: "The great people always find each other." The poem was written after the politician’s death. It tells about the attitude of the Dagestanis and personally Gamzatov to Abdurakhman Daniyalov.

Besides, the politician’s granddaughter Umuzhat Magomedova addressing the audience noticed her special memories of her grandfather. "He was very versatile. He taught us a lot of things. First of all, he taught to be honest. He used to repeat that the greatest victory was the victory over his shortcomings. Abdurakhman Daniyalovich was a man who built himself and brought up good qualities. This is a man who worked and lived not for himself. On his example, you can educate the youth,"- Magomedova said and thanked all those present.

Addressing the audience, Anatoly Karibov underlined that the events dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Daniyalov would be continued. So, different exhibitions, scientific and practical conferences and meetings will be held within a certain period of time in Dagestan.

Then the delegation went to the National Museum named after A. Taho-Godi, where Abdurakhman Daniyalov’s office was located. On the spot the guests inspected the personal belongings of the public figure, the photographs and paintings dedicated to him.

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