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Dagestan authorities intend to develop transport and logistics corridors

05 December 2022 10:44 Posted in:  POLITICS
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The day before Saint-Petersburg hosted the International Forum "Eurasian Economic Prospects - 2022".  The Minister of Energy and Tariffs of the Republic of Dagestan Rizvan Muradov made a report at the event in the format of an online conference. The head of the ministry spoke about the planned investments in the energy sector and transport logistics in view of economic recovery in the region.

As to the minister, the geographical position of the republic, which is located at the junction of Europe and Asia, as well as its resource potential allows the development of an international transport corridor "North-South". "At the same time, with an increase in the number of cars, freight traffic and passenger turnover, the fuel market will also need to be developed. Th expansion of network of methane filling stations looks promising in this direction. In order to do that, the region has all the necessary infrastructure: an extensive network of gas pipelines, facilities for the conversion of vehicles, etc." - Muradov said.

The top official also pointed out that 17 compressed natural gas filling stations had been already put into operation in Dagestan. Besides, Gazprom is planning to build five more such filling stations within three years under the agreement signed with the Republic of Dagestan.

"There are other investors who are ready to build methane filling stations in the region. Thus, we are planning to commission 27 facilities of the gas-filling infrastructure by 2025. The republic is included in a pilot project on creation of infrastructure for electric transport. According to it, as early as in 2024, 43 charging stations are to appear in Dagestan. The programme is being implemented with co-financing from the federal budget – the investors will be reimbursed for part of their investment" - the Energy Minister said.

Summing up, the minister added that all the above-mentioned areas are extremely important also from the environmental point of view. Implementation of the targets will reduce hydrocarbon dependency and ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

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