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"Towers of the Caucasus: Dagestan and Ingushetia" photo exhibition opens in Makhachkala

22 April 2018 08:53 Posted in:  CULTURE
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Makhachkala, April 22, 2018. The "Towers of the Caucasus: Dagestan and Ingushetia" photo exhibition has opened April 19 in the Republican Library named after R. Gamzatov in Makhachkala. The event is organized by the museum-reserve - the ethnographic complex "Dagestan aul" in cooperation with the Agency for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Dagestan, the Ingush State Local Lore Museum named after T. Malsagov and the Republican Library.

The exhibition features photos of towers of various forms and styles located in the Caucasus. The organizers say, there are 310 defensive fortifications in Dagestan, including 235 towers; 26 of them of federal and 209 of regional significance.

The director general of the museum "Dagestan aul" Zumrud Suleymanova opened the event. Suleymanova noted that the Northern Caucasus was one of the few places in Russia where various towers and monuments were preserved. "In many villages of the Caucasus you can really see the towers telling us about the traditions and events of the past. For example, the battle towers were designed to defend against an external enemy. Sometimes the towers were even used as rural prisons and apartment buildings. Each tower had its own, special masonry, its size and individuality. We need to preserve all these monuments" - Suleymanova concluded.

The deputy director of the Ingush State Local Lore Museum Zaretkhan Plieva noted the importance of preserving the pristine form of Caucasian towers. "I want to thank all those present for the fact that you are not indifferent to the history and ancient architecture of our Caucasus. This exhibition is the first, but not the only one. We plan to hold such kind of photo exhibitions in all the republics of our region. We are the representatives of like-minded Caucasian peoples. However, at the same time we are very different with our history, architecture, languages and dialects" - Plieva said.

The exhibition "Towers of the Caucasus: Dagestan and Ingushetia" is held to demonstrate the unique local culture to the growing generation, to popularize the historical heritage of the peoples of Northern Caucasus and their traditions, as well as to recall the fact that the cultural heritage needs constant care and protection . The exhibition will last until May 11.

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