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Musa Gaivoronsky's exhibition "Silsilah" presented in First gallery

10 June 2015 16:53 Posted in:  CULTURE
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Makhachkala, June 10, 2015. The Art Gallery of Contemporary Art "The first gallery" presented a solo exhibition "Silsilah" by the young contemporary author from Kaspiysk Musa Gaivoronsky. The exhibition consists of a selection of works in three creative trends: 60 photos, 3 installations and 8 video works created in 2011-2015 for various projects and shows in Dagestan, in Russia and abroad. During this time, the artist participated in three dozen exhibitions and projects, including the large ones, greatly expanding the range of his creative interests.

Silsilah (the golden chain of succession) is a term in Sufism, which means the spiritual lineage of tariqa (brotherhood). Explaining the title of his new project - the second solo exhibition, Musa Gayvoronskiy spoke of "self-Silsilah": "I am just the tip of a historical spear which was released thousands of years ago my ancestors and progenitors of all mankind."

"For five years we have seen Musa Gaivoronsky’s way of "Silsilah", sometimes trying to push back an assumption that in pursuit of a new meaning for the next exhibition the author might lose the main thread of his narrative. Musa as the author, of course, grows and develops, becomes controversial, attracts fans and critics. The new solo exhibition compiled both the earliest and latest works. Today, the viewers will have to decide whether Musa Gayvoronsky managed to preserve his previous "golden chain of continuity" relying only on his own strength"- Ekatherina Didkovskaya, an art critic says.
According to gallery director Jamilya Dagirova, Musa Gayvoronskiy four years ago, burst into the contemporary art of Dagestan, and today remains a figure with a special place in it due to name recognition and unique thinking.

"The Gallery always watch the development of Gaivoronsky’s creativity with big interest, because we can truly call him an artist of the “First gallery”. The main thing for us has been and remains to discover, correctly guide and to show the creative beginning. The rest of the time will judge. The artist has accumulated a decent collection of works and it seemed very important to make a pause and draw a line: to select the best ones, to understand, to think over and to go further. Then, more logically, one has to go above and deep, presenting viewers the clean, light and immaculate in skill works"- Dagirova said.

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