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Dagestan Theater and Cinema Artists exhibition to take place in Moscow

04 April 2017 18:07 Posted in:  CULTURE
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Makhachkala, April 4, 2017.  From April 8 to May 7, an exhibition of a retrospective works by artists who worked in Dagestani theaters from 1930 to 2017 will take place at the A. Bakhrushin Theater Museum, the press service of Dagestan Ministry of Culture reports.

The exposition was gathered from the funds of the Museum of Theatrical History of Dagestan (branch of Dagestan United Museum named after A. Takho-Godi), the A. Bakhrushin Theater Museum and the private collections.

The initiators found more than 150 sketches of scenery and costumes, 90 posters for artists’ performances who had played on the scene within the 87 year period. There are many rarities, preserved in a single copy among the samples.

According to Lilia Dzhamalutdinova, the head of Dagestan Museum of Theatrical History, the main task of the exhibition is to gather what little remains from the previous theatrical era and to warn against the negligent attitude to the modern stenography of Dagestan, to preserve and to promote it on different cultural platforms.

The works of 45 artists clearly demonstrate the development of theatrical and visual arts in Dagestan. The invited stage designers such as Valery Gorsky, Dmitry Davydov, Irina Afonina, who worked in the Soviet period launched the beginning of the project. Then, in 1970, Dagestani famous figures appeared in the theater. They were Kamil Murzabekov, Eduard Puterbrot, later Ibragimkhalil Supyanov, Yuri Avgustovich, Abdulzagir Musayev.

Jutta Rotte, Magomed Mollakayev and Vera Agoshkina are the most famous among modern Dagestan stage designers.

The author of the exhibition Jamila Dagirova noted that the work on the large retrospective was started in 2007. A huge number of archives, literature, memories, and artists’ works have been studied since.

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