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Dagestan hosts fourth annual Russian Islamic economic forum "Russia - the guarantor of partnership”

16 September 2022 14:37 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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The fourth annual Russian Islamic Economic Forum "Russia - the Guarantor of Partnership" was held in Kaspiysk on September 15.

Welcoming the guests, the Head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov pointed out the symbolism of the forum on the day of Dagestan unity: "The unity of the peoples of Dagestan, their friendship and mutual assistance have always helped to pass through the hardest times. Today is a day when we are especially proud that the centuries-old commonwealth of our peoples has never been overshadowed by enmity. The importance of the unity of people in common deeds has been repeatedly confirmed by the glorious history of Dagestan".

As to the head of the region, the Fourth Annual Russian Islamic Economic Forum "Russia - the Guarantor of Partnership" is another step towards the unity of all Dagestanis in the regional socio-economic development. Sergei Melikov also expressed confidence that the forum would open up new opportunities for establishing mutually beneficial contacts - business, social and religious.

At present, there are only few communities of faith that finance small projects. They cannot fully meet the increased needs of population and businesses to finance the economy within the Shariah norms not involving the banking system- Melikov says. According to the Head of the Republic, the work with such a large bank as Sber, will create favorable conditions for improving business activities and attract direct investments in the economy of the region.

Sergey Melikov praised the work of the bank, which helps more than 26,000 small and medium-sized businesses in the republic.

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