Sber takes interest in application developed by Dagestani for the deaf and dumb

24 November 2021 06:14 Posted in:  SOCIETY

The Sber company became interested in the application developed by Dagestan schoolboy Said Azizov and presented at the Al Journey international IT competition.

Azizov is a 11th grade student at school # 2 in the town of Kaspiysk. At the competition, he presented a demo version of the program for the deaf and dumb, which is capable to recognize and convert gestures into spoken language.
The town administration expressed confidence that the application can be useful in Sberbank's banking products. Azizov's team is currently on probation at the company.

“The 17-year-old citizen of Caspian took first place in the IT-competition for application development. Sberbank is interested in Azizov’s development and will probably buy it. This is an excellent application that the bank can promote and further use on its platforms” – the mayor’s office spokesman sys.

The AI Journey International Competition for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis ran throughout 2021. About two thousand works had been submitted to the contest. Azizovжы application has been selected as one of the best developments. For it, the team received a prize of one million rubles.

Earlier it was reported that a three-day competition for IT developers was held in Derbent, Dagestan. The competition was sponsored by former mixed martial arts champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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