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Dagestan fashion designer Shamkhal Alikhanov presents his collection at Moscow Fashion Week

25 October 2019 20:06 Posted in:  CULTURE
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Moscow, October 26, 2019. One of the users of the Facebook social network published a video fr om the Fashion Week in Moscow where the young people in suits with Dagestan ornaments (solar signs, carpet patterns, Kaitag embroidery) and hats step along the catwalk waltzing “lezginka” dance.

It turned out that Dagestan fashion designer, men's clothing designer Shamkhal Alikhanov takes part in one of the most fashionable events in the country – the Fashion Week in Moscow. The news agency contacted the fashion designer to talk about how fashion is developing in Dagestan and the way the local authorities support the tourism development.

According to Alikhanov, his first show outside the region took place in Pyatigorsk. That was in the 90-s. Alikhanov always went on himself, there was almost no support. “That is why I could not open something big. This year, the participation in the show was the seventeenth in a row. The collection includes products with a special drawing on the material”.

As to Alikhanov, the participation in the event become possible due to the support of region governor Vladimir Vasiliev and the head of the Permanent Mission of Dagestan in Moscow, Jamaladin Gasanov. “The republican authorities render support to my business. We plan to create a large production, wh ere there will be an experimental laboratory and a classroom for the graduates of art schools. Because, firstly, the development of tourism in Dagestan boosts the demand in such clothes with ethnic elements. It is very popular among the tourists who visit Dagestan. Secondly, it both create jobs and the opportunity to educate the younger generation”.

During the conversation, the fashion designer mentioned that he sewed for the Head of Dagestan - a jacket with an ethnic ornament. According to Shamkhal Alikhanov, it is necessary to transmit ethnicity through what everyone wears. Therefore, he makes practical clothing - both unique and wearable. Noteworthy, the master works in Makhachkala, while almost all Russian fashion designers do it outside the country.

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