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Rustam Khabilov gains fifth victory at UFC tournament

11 May 2016 00:14 Posted in:  SPORT
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Makhachkala, May 10, 2016. Acting in the UFC lightweight division, Dagestani sportsman Rustam Khabilov obtained his fifth victory at the fight promotion tournament. On May 8, Khabilov fought against American athlete Chris Wade. The show took place in the Netherlands for the first time.

The battle lasted three rounds lasting 5 minutes each. Rustam had an advantage over his rival by takedowns and the fight on the ground throughout the bout. Wade had several fortunate moments in the second round, when he managed to knock Rustam down. Still, during the whole fight, Dagestani was the leader. In the finals, Rustam Khabilov gained victory over Chris Wade with the score of 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 by a unanimous decision of the jury.

"I didn’t fight for one year and a half and people began to forget me. I have not appeared on such shows but now I'm back, and everything goes smoothly. If the UFC gives me an opportunity, I would like to fight twice more this year"- Khabilov resumed.

Having signed a contract in May 2012 with the UFC, Rustam Khabilov gained first three victories over his rivals such as Vince Pichel, Yancy Medeiros and Horky Masvidal. Then Dagestan sportsman suffered two defeats – the fights against Ben Henderson and Adriano Martins.

Having defeated Norman Park at the show UFC Fight Night 83 in London on January 27, Khabilov reclaimed the authority.

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