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Unique Talga Gorge in Dagestan to be given the status of specially protected natural area

13 October 2022 09:35 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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The problem of preserving the unique natural complex, which is on the verge of destruction, was raised in 2019. The Istisu-Kaka (Talga Gorge) is a beautiful foothill area. The mountain slopes of the gorge are composed of ancient limestone rocks, on which the unique natural complexes have formed, including a large number of relict and endemic plants and animals.

"Back in 2017, all the slopes were preserving their pristine beauty, but now they are all being torn up by excavators mining sand and gravel mix. There is a degradation and destruction of all biotopes, which are home to rare species of plants and animals. The gorge is a home for 24 red-listed animals and 23 plant species, some species are only found here" - Yuri Yarovenko, People's Front expert across Dagestan says.

In recent years, the scientists recorded the disappearance of rare flora and fauna: the physical destruction and the constant dust background negatively affect their vital activity.

"Together with the scientific community we have repeatedly expressed concern about the activities of numerous quarries on the territory of the unique gorge and asked to give the Isti-Kaka the status of a specially protected natural area. In response to our repeated appeal, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the republic reported that the status will be given in 2023, upon completion of all procedures the issue will be submitted to the government for approval. Granting the status will allow the republic to preserve the unique gorge"- Jamaludin Shigabudinov, the head of the regional executive committee of the People’s Front across Dagestan noted.

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