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Postgraduate and undergraduate students of DSTU awarded with diplomas of scientific and engineering exhibition "Polytechnic" in Moscow

28 November 2020 22:57 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Makhachkala, November 28, 2020. The works of DSTU undergraduate Magomed Zubaev and postgraduate student Sultansaid Ibragimov, presented at the XV All-Russian innovative scientific and engineering exhibition "Polytechnic", dedicated to the 190th anniversary of Moscow State Technical University N.E. Bauman, have been awarded with diplomas in the nominations "Information and telecommunication technologies and modeling" and "Ecology of the Technosphere".

The exhibition is annually held at Moscow State Technical University N.E. Bauman to develop the research activities of students and graduate students in the direction of applied and theoretical developments that have practical application in engineering and to stimulate students’ participation in scientific and innovative projects.

The projects in 15 scientific areas were accepted for the contest: information and telecommunication technologies and modeling, composite materials and structures, technologies in mechanical engineering, etc. The event was attended by more than 100 young researchers from different Russian universities. 63 projects were selected and presented at the exhibition online.

Among the works selected there were the projects of DSTU students, carried out under the guidance of Tagirbek Aslanov, the University department head.

Magomed Zubaev’s project "Determination of the coordinates of earthquake hypocenter using neural networks" is devoted to reducing time to determine the exact location of the coordinates of earthquake hypocenter.
The time reduction and accurate determination of coordinates of earthquake hypocenter is an urgent task in conditions of the region. So, for example, the Federal Center for Science and High Technologies "All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations" developed a program that allows to estimate the loss of life using the parameters of earthquake magnitude, the depth of the earthquake focus, population density in the earthquake area, the types of buildings, time of day, etc.

This makes it possible to quickly determine the amount of human, material and technical resources necessary to be involved in the rescue work. The delay or incorrect resolution of this issue leads to an increase in human losses due to untimely assistance to victims or to an unreasonable increase in material costs.

The project developed a methodology for selecting seismic sensors to determine the coordinates of an earthquake hypocenter and the software for determining the velocities of seismic waves in different parts of the earth's crust by info from seismograms of earthquakes that occurred. This increases the accuracy of determining the coordinates of the earthquake hypocenter. The data obtained is used to train the neural network.

Sultansaid Ibragimov’s project "Development of software for determining the topology of antenna with a widening slit (Vivaldi) according to given parameters" is dedicated to reducing the development time of the topology of Vivaldi antenna.
Vivaldi antennas have several advantages over the other types of antennas. Still, at the same time, at present, the Vivaldi antenna is obtained experimentally using various programs to create a computer model and test it, which implies an increase in the cost of the product and a loss of time for developing the antenna.

The increase in the cost of the product also occurs due to the fact that the cost of the final product includes the salary of an employee engaged in optimization of the specified type of antennas. That is why this type of antennas is applicable only in high-tech and expensive equipment, such as military, space, medical, etc.

To solve the problem, the Vivaldi antenna was investigated to reveal the dependence of the radiation pattern width on the antenna parameters. Further, the formalized dependencies were used in a computer model, with the help of which the parameters of the equations for the Vivaldi antenna were obtained.

The software saves both time and financial resources when developing the Vivaldi antenna, which ultimately will allow the antenna to be used for a wider range of stakeholders and organizations.

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