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Master class on "Kiyiz" felt manufacture conducted in Makhachkala

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Makhachkala, March 4, 2018. A master class on the manufacture and decoration of felt "Kiyiz" has been held the day before in Makhachkala in Dagestan Art College named after M. A. Jemal. The seminar was conducted by the teachers of children's art schools, the specialists of cultural and recreational institutions and the cultural centers from the regions and cities of Dagestan.

The art critic and specialist of the Republican House of Folk Art Tatiana Petenina opened and conducted the event. Petenina pointed out that the traditional crafts were experiencing serious problems and some types of applied art being on the verge of extinction.

"Dagestani handicrafts associated with the processing of wool had been popular among all the peoples of the republic. Each ethnic group developed its own felt production techniques. The Nogais much succeeded in felt production for the cattle breeding was the main occupation of the nomadic people. It is necessary to make every effort to preserve the tradition of producing felt in Dagestan. We need to support this kind of craft with all sorts of different forms and ideas" - Petenina said.
The teacher from Nogai district Altyn Akberdieva informed that the felting was one of the most ancient ways of making textiles.

"The modern technologies and materials made it possible to take a fresh look at the felting and the ways of using it. A wide variety of natural and man-made fibers gives unlimited possibilities for the design of felt products" - Akberdieva said.
The master from Bezhta Nazipat Abdurashidova shared her childhood memories about knitting original footwear of the residents of the high-altitude Bezhtinsky area, called "gaka". The knitted shoes differ as male and female depending on the ornament. The knitted shoes for brides are considered to be the most elegant. For the present time, our studio in the Center of Traditional Culture trains 4-5 girls annually. This gives hope that the old needlework of beige will not be forgotten"- Abdurashidova said.
Then, the Honored Cultural Worker, member of the Union of Artists Larisa Yusupova conducted a master class on painting on cloth in the technique of "cold batik". She demonstrated her skills to the event participants and told about the methods of applying paint to the fabric and choosing the material and paints for the batik.

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