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First shift of educational center “Binielect” starts activity in Dagestan

26 March 2019 17:55 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Makhachkala, March 26, 2019. The educational center “Binielect” has started its work in Dagestan. The training is conducted in 4 educational modules: management, marketing, communication and entrepreneurship. The pupils learn to analyze contemporary society’s demands, to propose solutions, to assemble teams and manage them, to give reasoned opinions as well as to lead discussions and public speeches. The project "Binilekt" is a kind of analogue of the personnel competition "My Dagestan".

The future managers start their morning with physical exercises. Apart from the attentive educators, the Olympic champion, boxer Gaidarbek Gaidarbekov supervises over the correct execution of all the exercises.
At the grand opening of the educational center Binielekt (which means business, science and intelligence), the republican prime minister Artem Zdunov emphasized that teamwork was important both in business and sports. Besides, the head of the cabinet noted that the guys made the right choice, deciding to spend the spring holidays in the center.

Artem Zdunov examined all the presentation platforms of the center. He paid special attention to the area of robotics. Here the young programmers showed their latest inventions. The other participants did not lose time either - they were preparing questions for the speakers.

The speakers are the winners of the adult personnel competition "My Dagestan", the Olympic champions and journalists of federal TV channels. The shift will last all spring holiday, until March 30. Upon completion, specialists will evaluate the author's projects of children, and those, in turn, will receive expert advice on the further development of their organizational skills.

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