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Device for treating cervical osteochondrosis designed in Dagestan

10 May 2018 07:49 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Makhachkala, May 10, 2018. The Research Institute "Semiconductor thermoelectric devices and devices" of Dagestan State Technological University has developed a device to affect the cervical collar zone.
The device combines the functions of alternating heating and cooling of massage applicators with the temperature regime regulator and the magnetic action mode changer.  

"Periodic pain in the neck, shoulder and lower back is one of the most common ailments of people of different ages. They can be caused by diseases of the spine, increased physical exertion, overweight or prolonged stay in a sitting position.
Constant pain in the muscles of the neck and shoulders leads to the emergence of unpleasant chronic diseases associated with the defeat of the musculoskeletal system surrounding the shoulder joint, the shoulder joint itself, as well as the pathological changes at the level of the cervical spine.

The massage of the neck-collar zone improves blood circulation, provides blood flow from the head, which relieves headaches, dizziness, tension and pain in the neck or shoulders, etc.  

According to the University press service officer, the patented device contains a flexible elastically deformable base with the possibility of covering the neck-collar zone, made in the form of an elastic interlayer. The thermoelectric modules that are in thermal contact with a high-conductivity gel layer containing a temperature sensor and an air cooler are fixed on the interlayer.

Besides, the elastic interlayer contains ferromagnetic needle elements located between each adjacent pair of modules. In this case, the magnetic effect in the device is created by means of wires that surround each of the ferromagnetic needle elements. Fastening of modules and ferromagnetic needle elements on an elastic interlayer is made taking into account exclusion of influence on the area of the spinal column.

"The device is simple to manufacture, easy to maintain and has high reliability. The constructive simplicity of the device and the possibility of regime change over a wide range of temperatures ensure its application in rehabilitation departments and treatment and prevention institutions of a broad profile" - the source noted.

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