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Dagestani Ophthalmological Hospital receives modern medical equipment

03 August 2020 17:39 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Makhachkala, August 3, 2020.  The specialists of the Republican Ophthalmological Hospital now can perform surgeries to treat serious pathologies as retinal detachment, diabetic complications of eye, epiretinal fibrosis, vitreomacular traction syndrome, macular rupture, age-related macular degeneration, occlusion (thrombosis) of retinal veins and hemophthalmus. All these diseases inherently impair vision.

It means that a direction in eye repair surgery as vitreoretinal surgery began to develop actively in Dagestan. Such operations are performed in the retinal and vitreous pathology department of Dagestani Ophthalmological Hospital. This is the greatest medical breakthroughs for the present.

An integrated approach to the treatment of eye diseases became possible thanks to the newest Italian ophthalmosurgical apparatus R-Evolution CR. Dagestani Public Health Ministry acquired it for the Ophthalmological Hospital within the framework of the state target program "Public Health Development". The modern medical equipment allows ophthalmologists of the Republican Ophthalmological Hospital to perform the most complex surgical interventions with a high accuracy and, which is important, minimally invasive, in other words, through small punctures in the cornea of the eye.

The cataract surgery - ultrasound and laser phacoemulsification is operation to remove the clouded natural eye lens. During a surgical aggression, a specialist, through a micro-puncture, brings a special instrument to the damaged lens, which liquefies the lens with ultrasound or a laser and brings it out. The next stage is the implantation of an artificial lens, which completely takes over the functions of a natural one. Sutures are not required for such operations.

Now Dagestanis do not need to travel outside the region to treat vitreoretinal pathologies. Such operations on modern equipment are carried out in the Republican Ophthalmological Hospital under the compulsory medical insurance policy, i.e. absolutely free. Recall the Republican Ophthalmological Hospital is going to purchase the state-of-the-art cataract surgery equipment from Alcon, which has no analogues in Dagestan.

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