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Ancient plane tree from Derbent wins All-Russian contest

04 October 2020 12:24 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Derbent, October 4, 2020. A plane tree growing in the courtyard of the ancient Juma Mosque of Derbent won the national competition "Russian Tree of 2020", the press service of the republican Committee on Forestry reports.
“The ancient plane tree received approx. 40 thousand votes - this is a record in the history of the competition. Besides, it will receive a certificate for free examination and health improvement activities by certified experts of the Center for Wood Expertise “Healthy Forest”.

Voting for the main tree of the country was held on the website of the All-Russian program "Trees - Monuments of Wildlife" from May 1 to October 1, 2020. The voting list of 12 unique historical trees was approved by the certification commission of the All-Russian program.

The tree of the year is not judged by beauty, size, or age, but by the history of the tree and its ties with people. That is, in the competition, the organizers annually look for a tree with the most interesting history. The purpose of the competition is to emphasize the importance of old-growth trees in the natural and cultural heritage of mankind.

“Participation in the competition and our common victory in it will draw the attention of tourists to the natural and historical sights of our region,” the head of the forestry department Vagab Abdulkhamidov commented on the event. The second place was judged to the oak - "Elder of the Chuvash oak forests" with more than 26 thousand votes. The third place is taken by the Partisan oak from the Bryansk region with 11 thousand votes.

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