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All-Russian Scientific and Educational Forum of Young Scientists "Unity" kicks off in Dagestan

30 March 2018 09:11 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Makhachkala, March 31, 2018. The open Scientific and Educational Forum of Young Scientists "Unity" started March 28 in Dagestan State Medical University in Makhachkala. An exhibition of scientific projects and innovative technologies of young scientists has been deployed in the foyer of the university. The guests took interest in the projects designed by the Ministry of Public Health of Russia, Dagestan Technical University and the business incubator PERI Innovations.

Opening the forum, the rector of DSMU Suleyman Mammayev noted the gradual increase in the geographical and thematic diversity of participants. According to Mammayev, such a trend indicates a growing interest of the young people to scientific activity.

After the official part, the plenary session "Physician of the XXI century" was held. Suleiman Mammayev delivered report "Modern science of DSMU today and tomorrow". In it, Mammayev told about the main achievements of the university in recent years and outlined plans for the near future.

In particular, the rector noted that the youth science is gaining momentum in DSMU. Mammayev cited the results of the first International Medical Forum “University Science. Innovations”. Dagestan university became one of the leaders in the number of applications submitted and the winner of diploma in the category “Top-5 HIGH SCHOOLS". In total, DSMU presented 20 projects.

Then the deputy director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Republic of Dagestan Karine Gusaeva, the director of Technopark of the First Moscow State Medical University n.a. Sechenov Natalia Omerova, her deputy Alexei Donskikh and other guests took the floor.

Guests from Moscow, Kazan, Vladikavkaz, Stavropol, Grozny and other cities take part in the Forum in several sections: "Innovative technologies in medicine", "Clinical medicine", "Fundamental and applied natural sciences in medicine". The speakers from among the students and post-graduates of Dagestan universities acted in each section. The Forum programme envisages holding the All-Russian competition of youth research projects. The official closing ceremony took place today, March 30.

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