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Advanced Vocational Training Center to be established in Dagestan

19 July 2020 10:41 Posted in:  SOCIETY
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Makhachkala, July 19, 2020. The deputy Prime Minister – the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Dagestan Ummupazil Omarova chaired governmental session on the issue of interagency cooperation in the work of the Advanced Vocational Training Center. Omarova noted that one of the tasks of the republic's socio-economic development is to improve the quality of vocational education.

“Improving the quality of education in resource-intensive educational programs requires close attention to the modernization of vocational education. We need to introduce adaptive, practice-oriented and flexible educational programs into education. This is necessary to allow the republic's vocational education system to meet the republic's need for competent personnel. We purposefully direct the growth trend of specialists in the field of jurisprudence and economics that has arisen in the past years towards increasing the number of specialists in the field of agriculture, industry, blue-collar occupations. The Advanced Vocational Training Center of the Republic of Dagestan will unite educational organizations to meet the needs of the republic's economy in highly qualified specialists in a short time. This process will be continuous, starting with the vocational guidance of schoolchildren, ending with employment and advanced training of all comers” – the top official explained.

Presenting the center Ummupazil Omarova said that Dagestan was among the first twenty regions in Russia that started implementation the new project. Today there are 15 of them. In total 100 similar centers will be created in Russia. Technical College named after A.R. Ashuraliev won the competition for a grant from the Ministry of Education of Russia to create the Advanced Vocational Training Center in 2019. Of particular importance, according to the vice premier, is the function of the center related to monitoring and analysis of the regional labor market and further employment of graduates. Omarova noted that this will help to regulate the issue of mismatch between supply and demand in the labor market.

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