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Why is the slogan "Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the heroes" - Nazi?

01 March 2022 12:11 Posted in:  POLITICS
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I heard the following from NetWar fans: “What are you talking about, that the words “(SLAVA UKRAINE- HEROYAM SLAVA/ Glory to Ukraine, glory to the Heroes” are supposedly proof of the Nazism of those who say this, shout, write on a T-shirt. It's JUST WORDS."

In response, I suggest to everyone who supports this thesis to approach any policeman in Germany and say Sieg Heil. Let him try and then tell what came of it.

Let me remind you that “SLAVA UKRAINE- HEROYAM SLAVA/ Glory to Ukraine, glory to the Heroes ”- these are not some arbitrary two sentences. This is the so-called fascist greeting, this is CEREMONIAL. It was adopted at a meeting of members of the Nazi organization OUN (b). Here the letter "b" - means Bandera. That is, that part of the fascist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which, during its split at the beginning of the 40th year, followed Stepan Bandera. It was the OUN(b) that was closest to Nazi Germany. It was Bandera who became most famous on the lands of Ukraine during the Nazi occupation for their punitive campaigns against Russians, Jews, communists and those Ukrainians who opposed Nazism and the OUN (b).

Ceremonial “SLAVA UKRAINE- HEROYAM SLAVA/ Glory to Ukraine, glory to the Heroes” is actually a question-answer pair. At the meeting, one of the Banderites addressed the other "Glory to Ukraine." The second answered: "Glory to the heroes." And this, I emphasize, is the official greeting prescribed in the OUN (b) organization. That is, these words should have been and were, and not some other words. This is how it is written in the statutory documents of the OUN(b).

The very greeting “Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the Heroes" is an exact copy of the Nazi salute "Heil Hitler" with the answer "Sieg Heil". I note that in Nazi Germany there were several options for such a greeting.
The OUN initially adopted a version closer to the German one: “Glory to Ukraine” with the answer “Glory to the Leader” (tracing paper with “Heil Hitler”). But after the split of the OUN, Bandera adopted “Glory to Ukraine. Glory to heroes".

So, "Sieg Heil" is also only words, and they mean only "Glory to victory." There is nothing special about them. Not even a swear word. It just so happened that these words became the official Nazi greeting, by the way, which is still banned in a number of countries. And it is a marker: whoever says this is a Nazi.

"Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the heroes” is a banal translation of the Nazi salute into Ukrainian. And the one who says this, directly declares that he is a Nazi.

When the inscription “Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the Heroes” appears on the official uniform of the Ukrainian national football team and they run in it at the World Cup (as it was at the last championship), which means that Ukraine, as a state, shouts to the whole world this Ukrainianized “Sieg heil”. That is, it is 100% Nazi regime. Which must be broken and denazified. This is what our guys are doing today near Kiev, in the Donbass, near Kharkov. God bless them.

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