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New system of management of state programs to be introduced in Dagestan

22 May 2023 22:23 Posted in:  POLITICS
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Today, Dagestani prime-minister A.Abdulmuslimov chaired a meeting of the Operational Staff on ensuring the sustainability of the economic development of the Republic of Dagestan in view of external factors.

The participants discussed issues related to the introduction of state programs management system in the republic. Earlier, the Russian government approved the Regulation on the system of management of federal state programs which provides for radical transformation of tools for state programs, revision of approaches to their development and implementation, changing their format so that they become compact, but more informative, well structured, accessible and understandable to all - experts, authorities and the public.

"In accordance with the schedule agreed with the federal Cabinet of Ministers for the transition of Russian regions' state programs to a new system of management, a draft resolution of the national government has been prepared accordingly. As part of the changes, each state program now has a strategic part, i.e. strategic priorities in the implementation of the state program, which defines the priorities and objectives of the state program, as well as directions and mechanisms of its implementation.
The state programs will be implemented based on project management principles similar to national projects. The structure of state programs has been changed - instead of scattered activities, a clear distinction of project work for a specific result is provided" - Abdulmuslimov said.

Gadzhi Sultanov, Minister of Economy and Territorial Development of the Republic of Dagestan, explained in detail what changes were planned in the work with the state programs. According to the top official, all the regions have to prepare the legal base for transition to the new format of management of state programs by the third quarter of 2023 to form and implement the regional budgets for 2024 on the new principles.

"In these conditions, first of all, it is important to train relevant specialists in republican bodies, to prioritize correctly and organize work on "seamless" transition to new conditions of work on formation of state programs," – the minister said.

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