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Makhachkala residents join rally against terror

04 September 2017 19:26 Posted in:  POLITICS
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Makhachkala, September4,2017.  On Sunday, September 3, the residents of Makhachkala joined the rally against terror entitled "I am against terror!"

The event has been attended by Dagestani Leader Ramazan Abdulatipov, the republican executives, the representatives of public organizations, political parties and trade union associations of the republic and the creative intelligentsia.

In his speech, the president of Dagestan National Academy of Sciences Gamid Buchayev noted that the republic had been living without terroristic attacks for three years, but the threat was not completely eliminated. "The extremists and terrorists are hiding, and we need to organize a special consolidation of society to prevent the manifestation of terrorism and to fight the new attacks," - Buchayev said.

The Secretary for the Social Protection of the Family, Motherhood and Childhood of the Republic of Dagestan Intizar Mamutaeva, pointed out that the public of Dagestan condemned all forms of terrorism and united in the consideration of struggle and prevention of all types of terrorist threats in Dagestan.

"Today, Dagestanis remember the victims of the blatant terrorist act in Beslan. Within the rally, a delegation consisted of Dagestani children laid the alley of plane trees that would become another symbol of memory for the innocent victims of Beslan” - Mamutaeva told.

Recall, on September 3, the Russians celebrate the Day of Solidarity in the fight against terrorism. The memorable day was approved in July 2005 by the federal law "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On Days of Military Glory (Victory Days) of Russia.

"This day is timed to the tragic events that took place on September 1-3, 2004 in Beslan, when, as a result more than 300 people, mostly women and children, died in a terrorist attack. The Day of Solidarity in the fight against terrorism symbolizes the unity of the state and society in the fight against such a terrible phenomenon as terrorism.

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