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Israeli delegation arrives in Makhachkala to take part in conference on combating terrorism

03 November 2017 13:42 Posted in:  POLITICS
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Makhachkala, November 3, 2017. A delegation fr om Israel came to share their experience of fighting terrorism. The guests gave interviews about the events in Syria.

In Tyube, a suburb of Makhachkala, the participants of the conference who came from Israel answered questions of journalists. The meeting with the media was held within the framework of the IV interregional scientific and practical conference "The ideology of terrorism: propaganda and counterpropaganda. Contemporary challenges. "

One of the participant of the press-conference, the deputy Prime Minister of Dagestan, Ramazan Djafarov, noted the importance of holding the conference at the high professional level and the topics under consideration.

In turn, the guest of the event, Dayan Uzi, added that he had come to Dagestan from Israel by invitation to share his experience in the fight against terrorism. He also spoke about the settlement of the Syrian conflict: "Of course, Russia's role is great in the fight against terrorism in this region. We cooperate on all points with both the Russian and American sides. Israel does not interfere in what is happening in Syria. We just want to make sure of the safety of our citizens, that they will not be attacked by the Syrian militaries. We are not at the mercy of talking about what is happening now in Syria and share our views on this with Russia. We are worried about what is happening there and we hope that in the near future this bloody war will come to an end. "

The delegation from Israel led by General of the Defense Army Uzi Dayan visited Derbent, wh ere it visited the Kele-Numaz synagogue, the Museum of Mountain Jews, the memorial "Immortal Regiment", the Naryn-Kala fortress and the Jewish cemetery.

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