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Dagestani Head takes part in Tarcho ethno-cultural festival

21 August 2017 21:30 Posted in:  POLITICS
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Makhachkala, August 21, 2017. On August 20, Dagestani Head, Ramazan Abdulatipov, participated in the ethno-cultural festival “Tarcho” held in the Akhvakh district of Dagestan. Abdulatipov examined the rural farmsteads and made a donation of a multimedia edition "We are the Russian people. Dagestan is multi-ethnic” to the local library.

In his speech, Dagestani Leader noted the importance of implementing such projects.

"We need to revive our traditions and to bring up young Dagestanis. Our ancestors did everything qualitatively, heartily, and there is a lot we can learn from them. We have also created a theater of poetry “From Pushkin to Gamzatov and ... " , repaired Dagestan State United Historical and Architectural Museum named after A. Takhoe-Godi, opened the memorial complex "Akhulgo ' and created centers of traditional culture of the peoples of Russia in all municipalities of the republic.

By the way, in the post-industrial technocratic society, the logical thinking should be supplemented by the mental one. Let us remember that many great physicists, mathematicians, chemists, engineers have historically enriched themselves with the philosophy, culture and literature.  The culture is a life-giving source of spirituality, love and creativity. By nature, every individual filled with the prejudice and fanaticism can become involved in the extremism and terrorism.

We should try to improve the image of Dagestan. It is necessary to respect the culture even in behavior, dress, everyday life, relationships and work, "- R. Abdulatipov concluded.

The main goal of the festival is to unite many people and to bring bright, festive emotions in everyday life. The competitions on Dagestan traditional sports such as archery, throwing stones, etc. took place within the event.

As informed, Dagestani Head was accompanied by Chairman of Committee of Dagestan National Assembly Radzhab Abdulatipov, a prominent businessman and philanthropist Omar Murtuzaliev, Plenipotentiary Representative of Dagestani Head in the North Territorial District Vladimir Derevianko, Dagestan Minister for National Affair  Tatiana Gamaley and others.

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