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Dagestan authorities to implement pilot project for separate collection of garbage in two cities

13 March 2020 07:41 Posted in:  POLITICS
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Makhachkala, March 13, 2020. A pilot project on the implementation of a separate waste collection system is planned to be implemented in two Dagestan cities - Kaspiysk and Derbent, where the containers for the collection of different types of waste will be installed for the first time, the official page of Dagestan Government on Instagram with reference to the Minister for Natural Resources of the Republic Nabiyula Karachaev informs.

“We have launched a pilot project for the separate collection of garbage in parallel in the cities of Kaspiysk and Derbent. This will be an example for all the other municipalities” – Karachayev is quoted as saying.

According to the top official, different types of containers will be installed for the first time in these cities. In particular, special bunkers for construction waste resembling a truck body in shape, the containers for glass and the urns for mercury-containing waste will be installed.

It is clarified that the introduction of a new municipal waste management system was discussed on Thursday at the meeting led by the Head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev, while the head of the republic focused on the issues of medical waste disposal. According to Karachaev, at present, the work on the disposal of medical waste is carried out jointly with the republican Public Health Ministry, as well as with the participation of the territorial departments of Roszdravnadzor and Rospotrebnadzor. "The letter and video materials on this topic were sent to the republican prosecutor's office. We will definitely put things in order in this direction" - the minister’s message runs.

In September 2019, the department of the Federal nature management supervision service (Rosprirodnadzor) across the North Caucasian Federal District announced the formation of an interagency working group in Dagestan to solve the problem of handling medical and biological waste. According to the department officials, the situation with the disposal of medical waste that is disposed in the total mass of municipal solid waste in the republic is one of the most pressing problems in ensuring environmental safety in the region.

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