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Company for the construction of waste management facilities to appear in Dagestan

07 July 2021 10:37 Posted in:  POLITICS
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On July 6, within the framework of a conference on topical issues of reform in the field of waste management in the Republic of Dagestan, the Chairman of the republican Government Abdulpakh Amirakhanov answered journalists' questions about the measures taken by the regional government to change the system of solid wastes management (SWM).

As noted by Amirkhanov, currently work is underway on the concept of adjusting the Territorial scheme for handling solid municipal waste. “This adjustment will allow to bring the waste management system in accordance with the norms established by the legislation. We also signed a roadmap for interaction with the Russian Environmental Operator.

As part of the roadmap, work is underway to establish a republican company, which will be responsible for the creation of waste management facilities in the Republic of Dagestan. It is planned to attract financial support from the federal budget, as well as the funds of the Russian Ecological Operator. We plan to complete the concept development by the end of September. Upon completion, we will receive a properly organized system of SWM, which will improve the environmental situation. Our task is to preserve the environment, and for this we need to create infrastructure, landfills, waste sorting stations, etc. " - the Prime Minister said, adding that the new enterprise will also provide the republic with new jobs and tax revenues.

Answering the question about what will happen to the existing landfills, the Minister for Natural Resources and Environment of Dagestan Rakhman Gamidov said that the Ministry is participating in the federal project "Clean Country", which provides federal funding for the reclamation of existing landfills. “We have already applied for participation in the project, we are carrying out preparatory work. Elimination of landfills is planned within the framework of the target project” - Gamidov said.
The journalists were also interested in the principles of dividing the republic into three territorial zones: Makhachkala territorial unit, Khasavyurt territorial unit and Derbent territorial unit. As to Gamidov, reloading stations will be created in the indicated zones and it would be more rational to place them on the indicated territories in order to save time and reduce transport costs provided for the transportation of waste to their disposal facilities.

“We took into account such factors as proximity to the landfill, the object of processing. Creation of reloading stations will allow to reduce transport costs for waste transportation to their disposal facilities” - the minister said.

The director general of EcoCity JSC Yuri Parakhin, in turn, added that the developed version of the concept completely covers the entire territory of the Republic of Dagestan. “The most important thing is that the amount of waste that will be sent to landfills for disposal will be minimized. That is, the republic will create an industry for the deep processing of all wastes generated on the territory of Dagestan” - Parakhin said.

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