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Cabinet of Ministers of Dagestan to provide state support in implementation of three investment projects

18 March 2021 11:10 Posted in:  POLITICS
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The issue of providing state support to three investment projects has been considered at the last regular sitting of Government of the Republic of Dagestan on Wednesday, March 17. According to the Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdulpakh Amirkhanov, earlier the Council for Improving Investment Climate under the Head of the Republic of Dagestan made a decision that projects applying for land plots as part of the large-scale investment projects should be considered at the sessions of the republican Government.

The explanations were made by the Acting Head of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment RD Khadzhimurad Abashilov, as well as the initiators of the projects. The investment project "Production of craft-paper and products from recycled waste paper" initiated by "Caspian Pulp and Paper Mill" LLC has been considered first. The project is planned for implementation on the territory of the industrial park "Valley of new ideas and technologies" in the village of Tyube on a land plot with an area of 10 hectares.

The top officials decided to recognize the compliance of the project with the criteria of large-scale investment projects, for the implementation of which the land plots are granted for lease without bidding in accordance with the republican legislation.
The status of a priority investment project of the Republic of Dagestan was granted to the project to create a fish-breeding complex for breeding sturgeon fish and obtaining caviar initiated by the "SK - AQUA" OJSC. The project is planned to be implemented in Kizlyarsky municipal district.

The sitting participants also considered an issue of expediency of providing land for lease without bidding to the LLC "Parnik" - the initiator of a large-scale investment project for the construction of a greenhouse complex with a total area of 150.5 hectares. The initiator of the project was also recommended to finalize the package of documents, taking into account the comments submitted by the executive authorities of the republic. All the decisions made by the Government of the RD will be presented to the Acting Head of the region Sergey Melikov.

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