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Artem Zdunov gives first orders to Dagestan executives

13 February 2018 22:03 Posted in:  POLITICS
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Makhachkala, February 14, 2018. The new prime minister of Dagestani government, Artem Zdunov, who was the Minister of Economy of Tatarstan prior to his appointment to Dagestan, gave his first assignments to the ministries of the economic bloc.
Today, February 14, Artem Zdunov visited two republican executive bodies - the Ministry of Economy and Territorial Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Dagestan.

Speaking about the work of both ministries, the prime minister clearly indicated his position: there should be no empty, aimless and unpromising investments.

"The Ministry of Economy should become the center of infrastructure development. The main programs and concepts of capital investments must be formed here"- Zdunov is quoted saying.

Putting the tasks before the Ministry of Economy and Territorial Development, the Prime Minister pointed out that the state executive body should "be authorized to carry out all work with the business community, which implies the establishment of fair cooperation relations with funds and other organizations supporting entrepreneurs.

"An important direction is investment policy. For such an industry as tourism, which is economically important for Dagestan, it is necessary to designate economic bases. At the same time, the feedback with the population should be established through the Multifunctional Centers"-  the prime minister said.  

Artem Zdunov instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade to strengthen interaction with the Industrial Development Fund, to increase the number of defense orders, sector projects and to expand cooperation ties. One of the most important tasks , in Zdunov’s opinion is the formation of private industrial parks in Dagestan.

"We need to develop a special program for the development of industrial parks. However, before offering municipalities to create park infrastructure and call investors, it is first necessary to solve land issues without further problems" - Zdunov noted. The Prime Minister also instructed the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to prepare proposals for the development of industries and submit them to the Government as soon as possible.

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