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Dagestani artist participates in polirealists’ exhibition in St. Petersburg

27 May 2015 12:15 Posted in:  CULTURE Source :  RIA"Dagestan"
Author:  Nizamidin Kainbekov
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Makhachkala, May 27, 2015. The well-known Dagestani artist Oktai Alirzayev participates in the 15th group of contemporary polirealists’ exhibition taking place in the large hall of the Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Artists’ Union.

The event is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the professional artists’ union, members of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists named "Polirealism 21». It’s a big show - a hundred of different pieces in painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative arts - two or three pieces by each artist - are tiling the walls and floor of the exhibition space.

Alumnus of the Akhty children's art school of the Djemal Dagestan Art College and the Repin State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Alirzayev presented his seven pieces: "My Mountains", "Akhty Village", and a triptych "Overcoming", "Mountain Village" and "Svetogorsk Monastery".

Despite his busy schedule, Oktai Alirzayev teaches at the College of Culture and Arts and the St. Petersburg School of Design "Art Future". He also finds time for his creative activities. He distinguishes himself in the desire to constantly improve his professional skills. This has brought him notable results. Suffice it to say that over the last seventeen years, the artist has actively participated in more than thirty large exhibitions held in Russia and abroad - his paintings were exhibited in Hungary (International Exhibition, Budapest, 2001), the UK (at exhibitions of Russian artists, 2003, 2006), and in Finland - Imatra (exhibition of St. Petersburg artists). His works are stored in the collection of the Museum of Makhachkala History, the regional Akhty museum, in private collections of art lovers in Russia and other countries.

After visiting the exhibition, Dagestani artists Shikhshabek Kadiev, Hadizhat Magomedov and others expressed their admiration for the brightness of watercolors they had seen in the master’s hands. They congratulated him on participation in the prestigious exhibition and wished him all the best.

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