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Regional airline company to be created in Dagestan

10 September 2022 18:41 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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The local authorities plan to revive small aviation in the region and look for creating their own airline. Rizvan Gazimagomedov, the deputy prime minister of the republic ordered to prepare proposals for its creation in a short time.

Gazimagomedov instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Dagestan together with the Ministry of Transport and Road Construction of the republic to study in detail the issue of launching an airline company in the region and to provide proposals within a week. Relevant instructions were also given to the Ministry of Property of the republic. This department will have to study the legal status of the lands where the airfields are located.

At present, the only air company registered in the region is the LLC "Dagestan" which performs sanitary and rescue flights.

According to Jambulat Salavov, the regional Minister of Transport and Road Construction, the development of small aviation in the republic is impossible without restoration of the network of airfields. Previously operating infrastructure of local airlines that linked cities and regional centers of the republic, according to Salavov, practically ceased to exist and is not used as designed.

The small aircrafts are planned to be used in the region to perform chemical processing and feeding of crops and distant pastures, perennial plants (orchards, vineyards), and for sowing rice in the future. Besides, the small aircrafts may be used for tourist flights.

According to preliminary data almost 1 million 700 tourists will visit the republic in 2022. The regional Tourism Ministry considers promising the development of aviation in popular tourist destinations and in remote municipal districts - Tlyaratinsky, Ahvakhsky, Tsumadinsky, Rutulsky, Dokuzparinsky, Magaramkentsky and Akhtynsky.

It is noted that the regional authorities are also working on mechanisms for the creation of a multi-purpose four-seat twin-engine aircraft "MAI-411" at the "Concern KEMZ" JSC. "If the head of the republic initiates the issue of manufacturing the aircraft at KEMZ, in our republic, and this proposal is supported, then in 2-3 years we could start. I don't see anything difficult in manufacturing the aircraft," Ibrahim Akhmatov, the director general of the plant says.

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