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Over million tourists plan to visit Dagestan in 2021

29 March 2021 18:21 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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The potential number of tourists to Dagestan in 2021 may total to 1.2 million people, the traveling service publishes information based on its own survey among Russian residents who plan to travel. The expected spendings on accommodation and recreation varies from 7 thousand to 40 thousand per person, excluding the cost of the flight. This allowed the to estimate the total amount of cash flow to Dagestan in the range from 20 billion to 25 billion rubles.

According to the study carried out by, during the last year's season, the Russians who went on a trip to Russia mainly visited the Krasnodar Territory, Crimea, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Altai. Dagestan was in the ninth position between Kaliningrad and Karelia.

After the launch of the travel service at the end of March, a survey was conducted among the residents of Russia. According to it, despite the pandemic, the Russians travel 1.54 times a year, that is, out of 10 people, four go on a trip more than once. Forty percent of the respondents answered that they plan to choose a new direction in Russia, which also coincides with the research of the Higher School of Economics.

Half of those who chose domestic tourism have heard about Dagestan and would like to visit the region. Among the main factors that influence the decision on the trip, was the price, comfortable stay and recommendations from friends. It should be especially noted that the price factor prevails among people who would like to go to Dagestan, and “comfortable stay” is chosen by the residents of Russia who plan to travel abroad or regions of the country with a high level of service.

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