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Experts named four industries in Dagestan most beneficial for international exports

06 November 2020 16:42 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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Makhachkala, October 30, 2020. A round table on the issues of exporting products by Dagestan manufacturers to foreign countries has taken place today Makhachkala in the building of the House of Friendship.

The event was held at the initiative of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment with the participation of representatives of the "Support of Russia" organization. Thus, the Minister for Industry and Trade of the Republic of Dagestan Batyr Emeev, the Minister of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Dagestan Agaragim Kagirgadzhiev, the head of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment of the Republic of Dagestan Kamil Magomedov, the business ombudsman of the republic Murad Dalgatov, as well as small and medium-sized businesses took part in the discussion.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman of the Association of Exporters Arslan-Ali Gamzatov. The speaker noted the growing interest of foreign companies and partners in Dagestan products. As to Gamzatov, by increasing the volume of exports, the republic receives several dividends at once. Namely, the growth of own income, investment attractiveness, jobs and so on.

“Our Association did significant work over the past and current year. We have conducted more than ten business missions to the largest foreign countries, as a result of which we managed to conclude key contracts. We are talking about the supply of Dagestan meat, grain, mobile mills, juices, canned food and so on. This interest has already been shown by Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkmenistan. In the near future we will enter the markets of Spain, the USA and Mexico” - Gamzatov said.

Separately, it was noted that industrial products (for ex. elevators) are also actively exported. An increase in suppy is planned to Armenian companies. Speaking about the topic of involving industry, the head of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment RD Kamil Magomedov highly appreciated the role of industrial and industrial parks, as well as special economic zones.

“Our plan, together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, is to develop a specialization scheme for one of the industrial parks specifically for the placement of residents working for export. As result, we can receive a ready-made package of proposals, which will allow not only to increase the supply of products of our own production, but also the inflow of investments and income of the republic. When we talk about export development, it is achieved in 10 steps. Through the efforts of the Export Support Center, some of these steps are solved for our entrepreneurs. Thus, we are working to ensure that our business find new niches and sales markets” - Magomedov said.

The round table participants also pointed out several industries in Dagestan with an untapped potential prospective for cooperation with  foreign partners; Islamic medicine, ecotourism, folk arts and crafts and organic production.

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