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Dagestan scientist delivers report on shadow economy legalization at International Economic Congress

12 April 2018 00:49 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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Makhachkala, April 12, 2018. The International Economic Congress (SPEK-2018) "Foresight" Russia ": a new industrial society. Future" has ended in St. Petersburg these days.

The leading economics theorists, the heads of educational and scientific organizations, the public figures and the representatives of the scientific and educational community have participated in the congress. The scientists and economists from France, Austria, Italy, Greece, China, Great Britain Estonia, Belarus attended the event.

Dagestan has been represented by the senior lecturer, the head of the political economy department of of Dagestan State University Nizami Askerov. Askerov made a report on "Legalization of the shadow economy as a strategic direction for the modernization of region", in which he described the main directions of modernization of the state economic policy in the regions.

In the report, Askerov noted that the new government of Dagestan is trying to find strategic directions for the modernization of the entire system of economic relations. "The first steps of the new region leadership show its orientation to legalizing the shadow economy in order to reduce the volumes of subsidies from the federal budget" - the author pointed out.  

Askerov also presented the author's vision of solving the problems of legalization of the shadow economy, based on the fundamental principles of modern economic science and the experience of modernizing the economy in the third world countries.
Besides, the author disclosed the following aspects: the political economy and socio-economic features of formation of shadow economic relations in society; the analysis of trends in the development of shadow economic relations and the measures to improve the system of regulatory impact of the state, aimed at legalization of the shadow economy.

In the report, the author identified the main areas of modernization of the regional economy. In particular, toughening of legal responsibility of business and authorities for violations of the economic order, including the tax regime; the introduction of personal responsibility of heads of departments and state organizations for the development and implementation of economic development programs; the implementation of stimulating fiscal policy; increase the participation of the republican departments and organizations in various government programs funded from the federal budget.

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