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Dagestan plans to build 200 hectares of high-tech greenhouses

15 September 2020 17:18 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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Makhachkala, September 14, 2020. On Monday, September 14, the deputy Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov held a meeting with investors to discuss issues related to land acquisition and the organization of infrastructure for the construction of a large greenhouse complex in the region.

In particular, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan Abzagir Guseynov, the founder of the agro-industrial holding "ECO-Culture" Andrey Petrenko and the head of the "Construction of a greenhouse complex" project Yevgeny Fedyukin considered the prospects for the construction of the most modern greenhouse farm with an area of 200 hectares in the republic.

The large investment project will be implemented in four stages, each 50 hectares with a total budget of up to 30 billion rubles. During this time, in general, it is planned to create over 3 thousand jobs.

Recall the agro-industrial holding "ECO-Kultura" is a recognized leader in the production of environmentally friendly greenhouse vegetables in Russia with the largest area of greenhouses in the country - more than 300 hectares. Dagestan is attractive to investors due to the significant number of sunny days, warm climate, which significantly reduces energy costs, as well as the availability of sufficient labor.

Abdulmuslimov pointed out the importance of a large-scale project for the socio-economic development of the region and expressed intention to provide all the necessary support in its implementation. The top official instructed the supervising heads together with the municipalities to solve the issues related to the formation of land plots, the study of the provision of infrastructure and other tasks associated with the implementation of the project.

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