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Dagestan exports agro-industrial products worth approx. $ 30 million in 2021

28 December 2021 11:31 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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Within the framework of the regional project "Export of agricultural products", the volume of deliveries of agricultural products in Dagestan (according to the Federal Customs Service) as of November 28, 2021 amounted to $ 29.5 million.
Note this project is being implemented within the framework of the international cooperation and export national program and is aimed at increasing the volume of exports of agricultural products to $ 33 million in 2024. The 2021 indicator for the republic is $ 27.3 million.

“The regional project envisages state support for the reclamation of agricultural lands in the form of subsidies to reimburse part of the direct costs of reclamation work on these lands by the initiators of projects aimed at growing export-oriented agricultural products.

In 2021, an indicator was installed - reclamation work in 2019-2021 on an area of 1950 hectares, including in 2021 - on 500 hectares” – the governmental source reports.

In total, 32.48 million rubles were allocated for the event this year, including 32.15 million rubles from the federal budget. At the end of 11 months of 2021, budget funds were used in full, which made it possible to ensure the achievement of all indicators provided for the republic. In 2019-2021, work was carried out on 2206 hectares and the fulfillment (113.1%) of one of the indicators (1950 hectares) was ensured. This year, work was carried out on an area of 502 hectares (100.4%) of the established 500 hectares.

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