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Dagestan creates regional spatial data fund

18 October 2022 22:24 Posted in:  BUSINESS
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The Government of the Republic of Dagestan adopted decree on creation of the regional spatial data fund in the middle of October 2022. The republic is a pilot region participating in the creation of the National Spatial Data System, the Ministry of State Property reports.

Earlier, the Head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov chaired a meeting on implementation of the target program "National system of spatial data" in the republic. The system includes data on real estate objects, spatial data, information on the registered rights to real estate and state cadastral evaluation.
It should be noted that for the present time Dagestan is the leader among the north Caucasian regions by the coverage rate of the unified electronic cartographic base - 73,4%. That's why the region is among the pilot ones. The creation of the Regional Spatial Data Fund provides multiple direct and indirect economic effects. It provides for more effective management of assets and resources of the region and many other things.

"The adoption of the legal act to create the regional fund of spatial data will enable to centralize all the cartographic material, produced in the republic on the legislative level", - the Ministry of Property of Dagestan said. The fund will include materials obtained as a result of geodetic and cartographic works, organized by the state authorities of the republic or subordinate institutions.

"It is very important that the quality cartographic material, which will be part of the Regional Spatial Data Fund, will be provided free of charge to public authorities for the development of such areas as construction, social sphere, etc. As for business we can give an example: good cartographic material of the Data Fund can be used in such areas as development of agribusiness, including the creation of a business plan and project design", - the Head of Registration and State Property Management Department Temirkhan Khalilov says.

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